Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Music: 5 Seconds of Summer Gig Review

Who: 5 Seconds of Summer
Where: Shepherds Bush Empire, London
When: 3rd March 2014

Best Songs: Amnesia, 18, She Looks So Perfect

It seems that since the last time 5 Seconds of Summer toured the UK they have been catapulted straight into the limelight. Attending the Brit Awards, appearing on countless radio stations, working with the likes of All Time Low, winning MTVs 'Breakthrough Band' award and finally releasing a single is just some of the life-changing moments for these four teenage guys. But Luke Hemmings, 17 (vocals and guitar) Calum Hood, 18 (vocals and bass) Michael Clifford, 18 (vocals and guitar) and Ashton Irwin, 19 (vocals and drums) were back on UK soil and playing to their insanely loyal fanbase, adorably nicknamed 'The 5SOS Fam.'
They were supported this time around by acoustic guitarist and singer Mike Dignam who offered a sweet, fun set reminiscent of Ed Sheeran, after he played a few tracks we had a small break then the 5 Seconds of Summer boys came out and 5SOS mania ensued.
Bearing in mind, some fans started queuing (and camping) for the gig the night before, this shows the dedicated and adoration the 5SOS Fam have for the four boys and this love goes both ways. One of the reasons the 4 Aussies are so loved by their 'Fam' is because of the constant interaction via social media. In particular the drummer Ashton is known for taking a brilliant amount of selfies, Instagram videos, Keeks and constantly updating the fans on what the band is up to, these guys know how to show they care.
With this in mind you go into the gig knowing there will be screaming, crying etc but it is still really quite deafening when you are in the thick of it!
They started with a favourite of mine, Eighteen, a tongue-in-cheek record about dating somebody older and not being about to drink, party and generally hang out with them. It was a real crowd pleaser and everybody was on their feet. This was followed by Voodoo Doll and two new songs called Don't Stop and Heartache on the Big Screen, I must admit that I loved the latter, it was a catchy fun-filled track with a great beat and I believe it will be on their latest EP (scheduled for release this month.)
All the classics were there; Try Hard, Heartbreak Girl, Beside You and Lost Boy (which just gets better and better every time I hear it) and they performed the latest single She Looks So Perfect and I think that may have received the biggest cheer. 
Crowd interaction during songs was spot on, they encouraged singing, cheering, chanting and dancing, crowd interaction when they weren't playing songs was limited but it's a gig not a play, right? We're here for the music not the chat.
A stand out song for me was Amensia, an emotional and honest acoustic tune that pulled on your heart strings and offered mesmerizing vocal talent from both Calum and Luke.
The downfall of the gig was that it seemed too damn short, they may have performed 15 songs (you can check out the playlist here) but it seemed over in minutes. I guess that's evidence of an awesome gig. 

This time around I was enchanted by Michael's guitar skills, the speed of Ashton's drumming, the multi-talent of Luke and the deep funk of Calum. The crowd was crazier, the beat was heavier and the guys were stronger, cannot wait to see what else these lads have to offer.


Be sure to check out a few videos I made from the gig on YouTube

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